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The Uncrowned Queen

A Comic

Welcome to the Universe of Elegant Chaos!

Not my first comic but my certainly my favorite. I wrote this comic when I was fifteen years old and have since then adapted a more serious version to a series of novellas. This comic is the story of a fifteen-year-old girl who learns that she's actually a space princess, something I desperately wanted to happen to me but alas never did.  I was writing a sci-fi novel that took itself too seriously and absurd comic books that didn't take itself seriously enough so I wanted to challenge myself to find a happy medium. There are moments of absurdity but more sincere moments arise amongst the chaos. 

This comic is tangentially related to my debut novel, which I am working on getting ready for querying, and takes place in the same universe that I have come to call the universe of elegant chaos, a nod to my pretentious teenage username. Enjoy this little taste of a much larger universe.

- Maddy Rain

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