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  • Writer's pictureMaddy Rain

We came from far away

We came from up above

We searched the stars

We searched the comets

We searched everywhere

To find a place

To rest our heads

To rest our hearts

But “look” I cry

“Look at that.”

We’ve finally done it

Home at last

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  • Writer's pictureMaddy Rain

There was frost on the window

And your nose was cold

So I planted a kiss upon it

Your hands were warm

And you kissed me back

We drank hot cocoa

And mourned for Laura Palmer

You filled my head with empty words

And my heart with butterflies

You threw your arms around me

And I melted at your touch

We had coffee and cherry pies

And talked until dawn

There's frost on the window now

And Frost on the tv

And I can't help but think of you

Nothing makes me long for something more

Than a reminder of its lack

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  • Writer's pictureMaddy Rain

I’ve got that femme fatale

Those blood red lips

Dark curls and white curves

Those piercing gray eyes

With that one-two punch look

I can look right through you

Make you feel like you don’t exist

I can look right at you

Make you feel like you’re all that exists

Because Mrs. Havisham raised me well

I’ll make you think you’ve got a chance

Because these looks can kill

They kill me everyday

Because I turn heads

And I turn hearts

Because you broke mine

And never gave it back

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