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Hard to Reach

You call out And I call back Anticipation Palpitations And then I disappear And I’m gone so long

Then, I come back Like no time has past Only to disappear again

My bed in the living room Rattling A/C Fear of a hurricane In a water-stained room It makes me think of you Reminds me of the time we spent The days I pinned for you Imagining you touching me When I didn’t know your face

But I’ve got dreams so much bigger than me I gave them up before For a man whose face I scarce remember And I can’t start again Until I do this thing for me And so, I’m hard to reach Because I’m reaching so far

I’m besotted With the dream It’s all I know It’s all I want Consumed by desire I can’t think straight Nothing will stop me this time And so I’m hard to reach

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