• Maddy Rain


When I was thirteen Forty Fifteen Twenty-six Eighty-five Four He touched me And I asked him to stop He was strong I fought I gave in I screamed They look at me funny now They don't believe me What were you doing? What did you say? What were you wearing? You must have- I must have- I think And then I don't think I'm angry I'm scared I want to crawl out of my skin I want to tear it from my body To throw it away I don't want anyone to look at me I don't want anyone to know I'm afraid I'm so afraid Even after all these days Weeks Months Years Will it ever stop haunting me? Was it my fault? I deserved it I must have I never want to be touched again I never want to be seen again But what they don't understand There is no over it It's like grief It stays with you forever No matter the years Its hand around your throat His hand Her hand Why did they do it? Why me? For a time you can place it in a box Throw away the key Like the tell-tale heart It shakes beneath the floorboard Can you hear it? It won't stop It won't leave me alone And that's what they took from you That peace of mind And I wonder if I'll ever get it back

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