• Maddy Rain


Updated: Sep 2, 2021

They never reach out with tenderness Nor with a gentle hand It’s always grabbing Clawing And gnashing of teeth It’s always taking And rough What can you do for me? What is your value? Where do you rate on a scale from 1-10? They never reach out Just to stroke my cheek Or tuck a strand of hair behind my ear Never reaching for my hand Or a kiss on the forehead Never pretty Never beautiful They want me broken Captive And tame They want me to bow down To be reverent to their will I am no queen I am not human at all I am a conquest A country without a king Ground to be leveled A forest to be cut down A notch in a bedpost Something to be had So they never expect the resistance They never expect the turn away And I do turn away I am the one to blame I am the one without tenderness I am the one

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