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Maddy Rain Writes!

Hello friends!

If you are here reading this, thank you. I wanted to take a moment to talk about why I started my website and why you reading this message and any other content on here is important to me.

I've been writing stories and poems since the age of five. For the longest time, it was something that I kept a secret, only sharing with a few trusted confidants as I was terrified no one would be interested in what I had to say. Yet, it's something that I poured so much of my time into since childhood and continue to do so.

A lot of people know that I write but not a lot of people get to see what I write. Despite the intense fear that people won't like my writing, I decided to put some select items here on my website. If you are interested in what I write, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you! It'll help me on this writing journey.

Along with maintaining this site, I am also very close to finishing the first draft of my novel and plan to start querying it later in the year. I'm also continuing to revise some short stories I wrote during grad school and sending those around to various literary journals for publication. I hope I can share more news about these projects very soon.

For now, you can read the following content on my site:

  • Poetry - I'm not a trained poet but I would describe my poetry as free verse.

  • "Writing Doodles" - Fragments of stories ideas that I jotted down for fun.

  • Empty Appetites - A poetry collection about unrequited love.

  • The Uncrowned Queen - The first few chapters of a YA sci-fi novella I'm working on.

  • #theofficelife - A comic book I wrote about being a technical writer.

  • WIPs - This section of my site gives you a little more information about my current projects.

Thank you and happy reading!

Maddy Rain

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