• Maddy Rain

I Believe the World is an Ocean

I believe that the world is an ocean I can feel its ebb and flow Can feel the way the moon pulls me Deep in my chest This gentle unassuming tug I believe that the world is an ocean With deep crevasses and shallow shores There are areas of pollution And long stretches of bright blue water Sparking and shimmering like gems There are places unexplored And frozen depths There are places where we are dying And places where we are thriving I believe the world is an ocean And we are all part of this living entity I believe that we all have our part to play In this planetary ecosystem Every organism, breeze, and building Pulsing with life Colliding into oneness Crashing on the sandy banks of existence Mother earth is a rocket ship She carries us through space Her assorted treasures of star dust And ever-change sparks of life We believe she will guide us and protect us Shelter us through any storm But she is an old and brilliant ocean She has a temper and a thousand stories to tell But she never tells the same story The same way And gently she'll rock me to sleep tonight And I'll wonder about my place And how small I feel in the role I play And I'll wonder in my soul Am I real Or just a dream Then the moon will pull to me And sing me the Song of Venus And I will know I was born Just for this moment and this place In this ocean of us For a reason And I am no longer a child of make-believe But a queen of glorious ruin

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