• Maddy Rain

Circus Trick

The thread that ties us - captivates us

Intertwining and spinning

The motions that guide us - defines us

Seamless and contorting

Our limbs interlocked

Our hearts interwoven

Body clocks in sync

When the spotlight hits

And the crowd leans in

The clock stops

My hummingbird heartbeat

Sets the tempo

My life dangling in your hands

You breathe in as I exhale

Sweat drips down your spine

In your eyes I see flashes

Of all the times you dropped me

Echoing, haunting

I see Death in its reflection

I count slowly


And the world comes crashing

Back to life

And we'll take a bow

And our eyes will meet

And I'll shiver as I felt it too

Death watching in the rafters

But he's missed us once again

This our circus trick

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