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Check Out My Original Work

Greetings Earthlings and Aliens!

I wanted to take the time to point out some of my original work that you can check out right here on my website.

Empty Appetites

A collection of poems I wrote in the midst of my divorce. The poems in this collection explore themes of unrequited love. If you are into sad girl poetry, this is the collection for you!

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The Uncrowned Queen

A novella about a teenage girl who finds out that she is actually an alien princess who has been prophesized to defeat the six other princesses of Quaylar and become the next Queen of Quaylar.

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# theofficelife

A crudely drawn comic book about a technical writer named Moxi Fox. Follow Moxi on her wacky misadventures as she faces the ultimate evil: a 9 to 5 desk job.

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