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Back in the Swing of Things

Ever since I graduated with my MFA about two years ago, I've found it incredibly hard to write. I feel no inspiration or motivation to write. As much as I continue to dream and want that for myself, I struggle with finding the ability to sit down and write anymore. Though I continue to struggle to put pen to paper, I'm starting to write more consistently again and have broken through some severe writer's block.

The only reason I keep trying to sit down is honestly because of my writing community. Every week we sit down together and talk about writing and our struggles. If it hadn't been for them and their constant encouragement and acceptance, I would have given up by now.

Now, I'm back at it and I've finally hit my milestone of 75,00 words in my novel. There is still a long way to go but it feels so good to see that despite how slow my progress has been that I have made tangible progress the last two years. I should be proud of that.

Since I'm writing more consistently, I plan to start give you more updates on my specific process and progress.

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