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Greetings earthlings,

The last two months were filled with incredible life-changing moments. I spent most of November packing and then closed on my first house. Less than two weeks after moving in and trying to get the house ready, my fiancé and I got married in our brand new backyard. Now that life has settled down again, I'm ready to get back into writing again. But enough about me, let's get back to the writing.

In the new house we bought, I am very fortunate to have my own space to write in. I already spent some time looking through every notebook and every scrap of paper I have in an attempt to organize it. I have so much content. Poems, short stories, comic books, drawings, and pages upon pages of story notes and ideas. There was so much content that I began to feel overwhelmed. I started to feel as if I was letting down the little girl inside of me who had filled these notebooks and folders with her stories. It's a lifetime of work sitting in that plastic container.

But the point is that I've written so much more than the contents of that container. I've written pieces that are better and have learned so much more as a writer. Those notebooks full of words were my playground. They were the foundation for the writer I am today.

So, last night I took out the physical copy of my novel and began to re-read it. And I'm excited to dive back into this world I started when I was ten years old. May 2021 be the year I finally finish a draft of this novel that I'm happy with.

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